Billing for Argo

Learn more about how Argo billing is calculated.


Argo analyzes and optimizes web traffic routing decisions to increase the loading speed of your domain.

Argo is charged per domain, so you will be billed for the amount of data transferred between Cloudflare and your visitors on each domain using Argo. Argo is also usage-based, so each invoice reflects the prior month's usage.

For example, your September invoice will include charges for Argo usage in August.

You will not be charged for any web traffic related to a DDoS attack.

Argo billing details

Argo billing includes charges for cache hits and requests to and responses from the Cloudflare network.

Enabling Argo in the Cloudflare dashboard initiates a USD $5.00 monthly charge. After transferring the first gigabyte of traffic between Cloudflare and your visitors, you are charged an additional USD $0.10 per gigabyte.

Toggling Argo on/off via the Traffic tab in the dashboard will not cause you to be charged multiple times.


However, you will be charged multiple times if you cancel then re-enable your Argo subscription in the Subscriptions section under the Billing tab.

Using billable usage to estimate Argo cost

As mentioned earlier, you will be charged a monthly fee of USD $5.00 per domain with Argo enabled, plus $0.10 for every gigabyte of transfer between Cloudflare and your visitors (your first 1GB per month is free of charge for each domain associated with your Cloudflare account). 

The best way to estimate how much Argo would cost is through the Billable Usage section in the Billing tab.

Argo billing analytics is currently in beta.

To estimate your Argo billing usage,

  1. Log in to your Cloudflare account.
  2. Under the My Profile dropdown, click Billing. You will see a list of the domains associated with your Cloudflare account.
  3. Choose the domain that has Argo enabled.
  4. In the left navigation, click Billable Usage. You will see a graph that displays your current daily traffic.
  5. Choose Previous month from the dropdown above the graph and click Month to date to view your previous month’s usage.argo_billing_subcriptions_previous_month.png

This graph displays your cumulative total of Argo traffic for the previous month. If your billing cycle does not start on the first day of the month, deduct the daily usage displayed in the graph for a better estimate of your cumulative Argo traffic for the month.

For example, if this user's billing date was the first of the month, this user would be charged for 14 GB of usage since the first 1GB is free, which is approximately $6.40.

Below are some estimated pricing based on the expected amount of traffic:

Expected Traffic

Expected cost (per domain)

< 1 GB


10 GB


100 GB


1 TB (1000 GB)


10 TB



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