Are Cloudflare Apps safe? Do you moderate apps?

Cloudflare Apps are moderated by the Cloudflare team to improve their quality and safety. Cloudflare Apps attempts to be a safer way of installing tools onto your websites, but that does not mean it is without the risks intrinsic in installing anything onto your website.

We cannot guarantee that every app meets your personal security standards. Depending on the app, you may be installing code or using services which were developed by third-parties, outside the control of Cloudflare. You should only install apps from companies you trust and you should always evaluate their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for your needs. When in doubt, we recommend not installing an app if you have questions about its safety. You may also reach out to the Support Email address listed by the app to ask specific questions before installing any app.

The Cloudflare Apps Live Preview provides a safer environment in which you can test an app, but you should always be cautious about entering a password or any other secret information while evaluating a new app. There is also no guarantee that an app will perform identically outside of the preview.

If you have particular security requirements we recommend you evaluate the app's creator and any available source code just as you would with any other tool you install onto your site.

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