Load Balancing: Geographic Regions

Our Load Balancing service supports geographic routing: directing users in a specific region to a specific origin server (or pool of servers) as specified in your configuration. This complements Cloudflare's own Anycast network, where clients connect to the closest Cloudflare datacenter.

You can have orange-clouded and grey-clouded domains in the same Load Balancing region, but the traffic routing behavior differs as follows:
  • Traffic for orange-clouded domains is routed based on the data center associated with the user making the request, whereas
  • traffic for grey-clouded domains is routed based on the data center associated with the user’s recursive DNS resolver.

We currently define 13 regions across the world. The "region" of a client is determined by the region of the Cloudflare data center their DNS query is answered by. A map of our data center locations can be found here: https://www.cloudflare.com/network-map/.

Region Code Region
WNAM Western North America
ENAM Eastern North America
WEU Western Europe
EEU Eastern Europe
NSAM Northern South America
SSAM Southern South America
OC Oceania
ME Middle East
NAF Northern Africa
SAF Southern Africa
IN India
SEAS Southeast Asia
NEAS Northeast Asia

An example of configuring geographic routing is below: each region takes a list of Pools—sorted by your failover priority.

    • If all of the Pools in a specified region are unhealthy ("down"), then we will use the fallback_pool
The fallback pool is not available when all pools are disabled.
  • If a region is not explicitly defined, we will use the default_pools instead. In the example below, queries in Oceania ("OC") would use the default_pools, and would not gravitate towards the "West North America", "East North America" or "Western Europe" pools.





{ "description": "Load Balancer for www.example.com", "name": "www.example.com", "ttl": 30, "proxied": true, "fallback_pool": "ff02c959d17f7bb2b1184a202e3c0af7", "default_pools": [ "17b5962d775c646f3f9725cbc7a53df4", "ff02c959d17f7bb2b1184a202e3c0af7" ],
"region_pools": { "WNAM": [ "17b5962d775c646f3f9725cbc7a53df4", "ff02c959d17f7bb2b1184a202e3c0af7" ], "ENAM": [ "17b5962d775c646f3f9725cbc7a53df4", "ff02c959d17f7bb2b1184a202e3c0af7" ], "WEU": [ "ff02c959d17f7bb2b1184a202e3c0af7", "17b5962d775c646f3f9725cbc7a53df4" ] } }
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