Common Rate Limiting API issues

I receive a "Decoding is not yet implemented" error when calling the API

This error indicates that your request is missing the Content-Type: application/json header. Adding the header to your request will fix the issue.


I set origin_traffic = false in my rule, but the created rule uses origin_traffic = true

The origin_traffic parameter can only be set on Enterprise plans. On self-serve plans, rules can only trigger on requests that would be sent to the origin.

Note that if you set origin_traffic = false on a self-serve rule, it will automatically be coverted to origin_traffic = true.


I receive a "ratelimit.api.not_entitled" error when calling the API

Due to the way Rate Limiting is billed for Enterprise customers, account managers will need to add an entitlement before uesrs can add rules. Contact your account manager to enable this for your zones.

Self-service plans have limits on how many Rate Limiting rules they can create, which sampling and timeout periods they can set, and whether they can use certain rule features. A breakdown of which features are available on which plans is available on our Plans page under Security > Rate Limiting.

I receive some other error when calling the API

Other errors are documented in the API documentation. If you're unsure why you're seeing a particular error, please contact Support with an example API call (redact your API key).

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