Accelerated Mobile Links

What do Cloudflare's Accelerated Mobile Links (AML) do?

When a customer turns on Accelerated Mobile Links (AML) for their website Cloudflare will identify the links that have AMP content and convert the link accordingly. When a user taps on an AMP link, we launch a viewer that loads the AMP content inside an iframe by fetching it from our edge. Here's what it looks like with Accelerated Mobile Links enabled:

Figure: The page loaded in a few hundred ms

Who can use AML?

The service is available to any domain signed up directly through Cloudflare on any of our plans. If you don't yet have a Cloudflare account, you can sign up here.

How do I enable AML?

You can find the Accelerated Mobile Links under the Speed section after logging into your Cloudflare Account.

You can turn on Accelerated Mobile Links for your entire zone or just choose to enable it for up to (and including) 3 different sub-domains on your site.

Why does AML only work on mobile web browsers?

This is only available on mobile web browsers because AMP is only for mobile web browsers. If a user is accessing your website through her mobile web browser, she can view links on AMP. You can read more about AMP here.

Will AML accelerate links to AMP content that isn't part of my Cloudflare site?

Yes, only the discovery site (the website that has the links to AMP content) needs to be a Cloudflare customer.

If I enabled AML, will it automatically convert my regular HTML pages to AMP pages?

No, currently we are not converting pages to AMP.

If I am not a publisher, why should I care about AMP or Accelerated Mobile Links?

Slow content, whether you created it (publishers) or not (platform / aggregator), negatively impacts your users: 40% of users abandon a site that takes more than three seconds to load (source).

Some of my users are complaining about using AMP on my website. I don't want to disable it for all of my users. Is there a way for them to opt-out?

Yes. Your users can opt-out the Accelerated Mobile Links experience by going to .

Conversely, they can opt-in by clearing their cookies.


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