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Customers who have turned on Argo Smart Routing can see the benefit Argo is delivering for their site and visitors with two different views in the Analytics app in the dashboard.
1) A global histogram showing performance with and without Argo. The blue and orange series represent the before and after TTFB in locations where Argo found a Smart Route. A shift of the bars to the left represents a reduction in TTFB.
TTFB measures the delay between Cloudflare sending a request to your server and receiving the first byte in response. TTFB includes network transit time (which Smart Routing optimizes) and processing time on your server (which Argo has no effect on).
2) A map view showing how performance is improved from each Cloudflare PoP receiving traffic from their site.

Data will be shown for requests originating at any colo with at least 500 requests to origin that have been Smart Routed in the past 48 hours. This is to ensure we have seen enough requests to reach statistical significance and present high fidelity data to users. If insufficient data is available in all colos, we'll display a message to this effect (an updated message includes the percentage we are Smart Routing).
As an example, say a site has 1000 requests to the edge, 300 of which are cache hits and 700 of which go to the origin. If those 700 are distributed equally between 3 colos, we will not have sufficient data to display a chart. If all 700 of those requests to origin originated at the same colo, we will display charts. In our analysis, the vast majority of customers with Argo enabled meet this bar.
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