Can I use Privacy Pass with Cloudflare?

What is Privacy Pass?

Privacy Pass is a Chrome/Firefox browser extension to make browsing Cloudflare-protected websites a better experience for users. In particular, if a user IP address is designated to have a poor reputation then the user may have to solve a Cloudflare CAPTCHA page before they can gain access to such websites. Privacy Pass uses elliptic curve cryptography to generate 'anonymous' tokens after a single CAPTCHA page is solved. These tokens can be used in future engagements with Cloudflare websites to prevent having to solve more CAPTCHAs. The extension generates 30 tokens for each CAPTCHA solution and thus can be used to reduce CAPTCHA pages for each user by a similar factor. 

Who is it for?

Privacy Pass can be used by any user using Chrome or Firefox; installing the extension will not change the browsing experience for most users. Users who frequently encounter CAPTCHA pages will find it beneficial to install the extension so that the number of these encountered decreases for them. This will be particularly helpful for users of shared networks, VPNs and Tor, which tend to have poorer IP reputations given their shared nature.

How do I get it?

The extension can be downloaded from both the Google Chrome and Firefox extension stores:

I've found an issue, how do I report it?

We have set up an email where general support issues can be logged. Moreover, the Privacy Pass code is available on GitHub, and issues can also be logged there.

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