Using Cloudflare API with Postman Collections

Cloudflare's client API gives users great customization power and potential for automation. It can be intimidating for users that aren't familiar with APIs or Command Line Interfaces. 

Postman is an API client that makes API calls easier to make by giving the user a full Graphical User Interface. With Collections you can upload all of the formatting for all of our API calls so that it's plug and play. Find the full documentation on their site,

First you'll download the appropriate Postman client for your operating system. 

They can be found at:

After downloading you'll select "Import" to upload the Cloudflare API collection (found at the bottom of this article):


Then you can upload the .json collection file obtained here:


Then you can click on the "Cloudflare Client API v4 to the left to open all the individual API calls included in the collection:


After selecting an API call it's simple plug in play to send the request (don't forget to set your email and API key outlined below). 


You'll find the Zone ID in the overview for each website in your account.


Then the API "Auth-key" is found in the your profile. For everything except Origin CA you'll use the "Global API key"


Then you just fill in your info and press send. The results will print below. Screenshot_from_2017-12-27_16-28-15.png

 You can find documentation outlining our API endpoints at:

SHA256 Checksum: c98de47f8242a1edebe2486a25014aa0b9feaaf66e82306b69951073cc978644


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