How do I disable Universal SSL?

The option to disable Universal SSL can be found in the Crypto tab of your dashboard.


Why would I disable Universal SSL?

Some site owners may want to manage their own SSL certificates in order to be compliant with their own standard operating procedures or policies. Alternately, others may only want to trust specific Certification Authorities (CA) outside the CAs Cloudflare currently partners with to issue Universal SSL certificates.

What happens when I disable Universal SSL?

Any Universal SSL certificates available will be removed from our edge and no longer available for the domain. No new Universal SSL certificates will be ordered for the domain until Universal SSL is re-enabled.

The following Cloudflare features, while enabled after disabling Universal SSL, may result in visitors being unable to visit your domain unless you have uploaded a custom certificate or purchased a dedicated certificate:

  • HSTS
  • Always Use HTTPS
  • Opportunistic Encryption
  • Any Page Rules redirecting traffic to HTTPS

Similarly, any HTTP redirect to HTTPS at the origin while the Cloudflare proxy is enabled will result in users being unable to visit your site without a valid certificate at Cloudflare's edge.

If you do not have a valid custom or dedicated certificate at Cloudflare's edge and are unsure if any of the above Cloudflare settings are enabled or if any HTTP redirects exist at your origin, we advise leaving Universal SSL enabled for your domain.

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