Load Balancing - "Quota Exceeded"

If you're using the Load Balancing API and receiving a "Quota Exceeded" error (like the below), this is because you are attempting to create more objects than you are currently entitled ("allowed") to.

e.g. When attempting to create a 6th Monitor object, and you already have five (the default limit), you would see this error in the API, and the Cloudflare dashboard will disallow you from creating more objects.




  "result": null,
  "success": false,
  "errors": [
      "code": 1006,
      "message": "Quota exceeded. You are currently allowed 5 monitors. Please re-use or delete any unused monitors."
  "messages": []


  • Enterprise customers who may need to create more objects (Load Balancers, Pools, Origins or Monitors) should reach out to their Customer Success Manager or contact support@cloudflare.com to discuss.
  • Self-service customers may purchase more origin servers (the ability to load balance more servers) by upgrading their Load Balancing subscription.
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