What happens when I downgrade?

The impact of downgrading varies by product.  This page summarizes the behaviour by product when the user Downgrades.

Downgrading means moving to a lower-cost plan.  A customer can downgrade as follows:

  • Business -> Pro
  • Business -> Free
  • Pro -> Free

Rate Limiting

Two things happen to the rules upon downgrading:

  1. Rules using features not supported on the new plan will be disabled (click here to see which rate limiting features by plan)
  2. If the number of rules still enabled exceeds the quota of rules available on the new plan, rules will be disabled until the rule count does not exceed the quota, starting from the most recently-created rule.

A full list of which rule features are available on which plans is available under Security > Rate Limiting on our Plans page.


A customer is on a Pro Plan, and has four rules, one of which is disabled, making three enabled rules (the Pro plan has a quota of three enabled rules).  The other three rules: one is in simulate, the other two are in live mode.

When a customer downgrades to Free, Cloudflare will first disable all rules using simulate, since that capability is only available to Pro plans and higher.

Then Cloudflare will disable the remaining two enabled rules in live mode, starting with the most recent, till there is only one rule left.

Final state:

  1. Originally disabled rule remains disabled
  2. The simulate rule is also disabled, with a lock, indicating it uses a feature not supported in Free
  3. The most recently created live-mode rule is also disabled, but displays no lock
  4. The oldest created rule is as it was before the downgrade: actively protecting the website




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