Using Cloudflare with your Magento 1 online store

The following steps will help you to activate CloudFlare for your Magento store:

1. Login to your Cloudflare account
If you don’t yet have a Cloudflare account, you can sign up here.

2. Add your domain and follow the steps for full configuration by using your domain registrar interface and pointing your Name Servers to the Cloudflare Name Servers provided.

We suggest you read the following article that explains the Cloudflare set up process in detail:

Once the required DNS changes are implemented by your domain registrar, you can start with Cloudflare configuration for your Magento store by performing these steps.

3. Whitelist Cloudflare IPs

4. Restore the visitor IP using mod_cloudflare

5. Turn on Magento WAF Rules (Requires a paid subscription)
On the dashboard select “Firewall”. Scroll down and select “Web Application Firewall”. Under “Package: Cloudflare Rule Set” select “Rule Details”. Here you can toggle the “Cloudflare Magento” Ruleset on.

6. Page Rules

You can read more about page rules in our tutorial article.

For all eCommerce sites that have SSL directly on their server, we highly recommend that you enable “Full SSL” or “Full SSL Strict” within the Overview tab of the Cloudflare SSL/TLS app. Full SSL means your origin has to support an SSL connection, and it ensures that the traffic between Cloudflare and the Origin is also encrypted. Use a paid Cloudflare plan in order to get the most compatible SSL option for your site visitors.

Useful links:

What do the SSL options (Off, Flexible SSL, Full SSL, Full SSL Strict) mean?

Getting Started with Cloudflare: Recommended First Steps for all Cloudflare users

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