My website seems slower or I'm having performance issues. What should I do?

In order for Cloudflare to effectively troubleshoot a performance issue, the following information would be helpful to know before you contact us:

  1. The domain in question.
  2. What issues you're seeing on the site exactly (slowness, images breaking, etc.)
  3. Your geographic location. A traceroute to the domain is also of great help, largely so we can know which datacenter you're hitting on the Cloudflare network.
  4. If you have made any changes to the site recently (changed content, added DNS records, turned on a specific Cloudflare feature, etc.).
  5. If a performance issue, such as slowness, an actual link to the online reporting tool you're using to measure speed. Screen shots are also helpful.
  6. If possible, run a test on so we can look at the waterfall of the file performance on your site.
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