What does "ERROR Unfortunately, you can not add that domain to Cloudflare" mean?

Sometimes, when customers try to add a domain to Cloudflare they will get the following error message:

ERROR  Unfortunately, you can not add that domain to Cloudflare.

There are three reasons:

1) You are trying to add a subdomain like:

  • example.tumblr.com
  • example.appspot.com
  • example.wordpress.com
  • example.weebly.com
  • example.herokuapp.com
  • example.webs.com
  • example.blogspot.com
  • example.webs.com
  • example.ning.com
  • example.no-ip.com
You must have a custom domain to sign up for Cloudflare. If you are a user of one of these services, then contact the platform provider to encourage them to partner with Cloudflare so you can get access to the service. Otherwise, you need to upgrade to a custom domain (i.e. example.com) and then sign up for Cloudflare. 
2) Your site is one of the largest sites on the Internet
We have a lot of people try to add google.com to Cloudflare accounts, so we have put in safeguards. If you really own the domain and are interested in Cloudflare, contact our Enterprise team here.
3) Your site was temporarily removed from our network 

Cloudflare runs a globally distributed network for many web properties. Sometimes, a large DDOS attack to one of our Free or Pro customers may degrade the performance of our network. In these cases, our Technical Operations team may temporarily remove the website under attack to avoid any network degradation. We send an email to customers to let them know when we take this action.

We review deactivated websites every 5 to 7 business days.

If your site was removed from the Cloudflare network by our Technical Operations team and then you remove the website from your Cloudflare account, you will not be able to re-add it until the site has been reenabled on Cloudflare 5 to 7 business days later. Please check back in 7 days.

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