What does Rocket Loader do?

Understand how Rocker Loader can improve page load time.


Rocket Loader prioritises your website's content (text, images, fonts etc) by deferring the loading of all of your JavaScript until after rendering. On pages with JavaScript, this results in a much faster loading experience for your users and improves the following performance metrics:

  • Time to First Paint (TTFP)
  • Time to First Contentful Paint (TTFCP)
  • Time to First Meaningful Paint (TTFMP)
  • Document Load
Some of Cloudflare's optional features, including Rocket Loader and Email Obfuscation, use non standard tags that fail strict HTML validation via tools like w3.org.  These failures do not correlate to issues for your site visitors. 

To learn more about the latest version of Rocket Loader visit our blog:


Addition optional configuration:

If you observe JavaScript or jQuery issues for your website, determine if disabling Rocket Loader via the Cloudflare Speed app resolves the issue.  Provide adequate details when contacting Cloudflare Support.
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