How does Cloudflare make my website faster?

Cloudflare can provide website speed improvements through our free CDN (Content Delivery Network) and optional performance features to enhance your website's speed and overall performance. When you add your website to Cloudflare's network, we act as a proxy and route your visitor requests through the Cloudflare network and can make modifications to improve response times. Since some of our performance features are based on the pricing plan you elect when you signup, below is a brief overview of key features that will help speed up your website.

Included with all Cloudflare plans:
Cloudflare's fee CDN for your static content resources
Rocket Loader: Asynchronous loading of JavaScript resources
Auto Minify: Remove white space from HTML, CSS and JavaScript resources.
SPDY: Allows a single connection for multiple TCP requests (requires SSL)

Available add-on with all Cloudflare plans:
Argo: Reduces latency on average 33% thanks to tiered caching and smart routing. This can help optimize your site and reduce latency for visitors located further away from your origin, by increasing the cache hit ratio for your site and reducing the latency between the visitor and your origin.

Available to Pro, Business and Enterprise:
Mirage Image Optimization: Automatically resizes images based on the device a visitor is using
Polish Image Optimization: Strips metadata and compresses images for faster load times

Available to Business and Enterprise*:
Railgun: is a WAN optimization technology that caches truly dynamic content. Websites running Railgun generally show a 143% improvement in HTML load times and a 90% decrease in Time to first byte (TTFB) responses. 

*Note: Railgun is offered through select Optimized Hosting Partners free of charge.

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