Understand Cloudflare Caching Level

Learn the differences between Cloudflare's Caching Level options.


Cloudflare’s CDN caches static content according to these levels:

  • No Query String: Delivers resources from cache when there is no query string.  Example URL: example.com/pic.jpg
  • Ignore Query String: Delivers the same resource to everyone independent of the query string.  Example URL: example.com/pic.jpg?ignore=this-query-string
  • Standard (Default): Delivers a different resource each time the query string changes.  Example URL: example.com/pic.jpg?with=query

Adjust the Caching Level via the Cloudflare Caching app.

Ignore Query String only disregards the query string for static file extensions. For example, Cloudflare serves the style.css resource to requests for either style.css?this or style.css?that

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