Why do I have a dc-######### subdomain?

The reason the dc-##### subdomain is added is because we need to
overcome a potential conflict created with your MX record. Take the
following example:

example.com   A
example.com  MX  example.com

The "A" record can be "CloudFlare Enabled." When that happens, CloudFlare
will announce DNS that looks like:

example.com  A

Where is a CloudFlare proxy IP address. The problem is, the MX
record is still:

example.com  MX  example.com

Since the A record now has example.com pointing to, and since
CloudFlare does not proxy mail, we need to create a "shadow" record to
ensure mail is still delivered properly. So your DNS effectively becomes:

example.com  A
dc-1234abcd.example.com  A
example.com  MX  dc-1234abcd.example.com

The solution to get rid of the dc-###### record is to change your DNS
configuration to eliminate the conflict caused by your MX record. You could
do one of two things:

1. If you're not receiving mail on the domain, simply delete the MX record;
2. If you are receiving mail on the domain, dereference the MX record
explicitly with a setup like:

mail.example.com  A   [cloudflare disabled]
example.com  MX  mail.example.com

Note, however, that if you're running your mail server on the same IP as
your web server, your MX record will always expose the IP address of your

The dc-###### records was previously called direct-connect.

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