How do I add a CNAME for Google PageSpeed?

Note: Google has announced that PageSpeed will be closed down as of August 3, 2015. Cloudflare does recommend making the DNS changes prior to PageSpeed's closure date, and Google does provide directions for migrating away from PageSpeed to make sure you don't have access issues for your site(s).

In order to successfully migrate away from PageSpeed in your Cloudflare DNS settings, please make sure that any records you point to Google PageSpeed are pointed back to your origin server in some way. If points to Google, for example, you should point it directly to your server as an A record or CNAME in the following format:

A www points to (your server IP)


CNAME www is an alias of (

Note: Replace with your actual domain name.

The directions below will no longer be valid after August 3, 2015.

  1. Login to your Cloudflare account.
  2. From the drowdown menu on the top left, select your domain.
  3.  Select the DNS settings tab.
  4. Add your DNS record, and make sure the record has Cloudflare turned off (Grey Cloud) 


With the above configuration, the PSS console continue to say "DNS Changes Required". Despite this message, your site will retain the benefits of both PSS and Cloudflare.

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