Importing and exporting DNS records

Learn how to export or bulk import DNS records for a Cloudflare domain.


Cloudflare's DNS record import functionality only adds new records and cannot alter or remove preexisting DNS records.  Imported records are automatically proxied to Cloudflare if possible.  To ensure records  are not automatically proxied upon import, use the Cloudflare API to import DNS records from a file and set proxied=false.  

The number of DNS records per zone imported to Cloudflare is limited and limit increases are only considered for Enterprise customers:

  • 200 records for Free customers, and
  • 3500 records for Pro, Business, and Enterprise customers.
Before importing DNS records, remove all comments in the import file that start with a semicolon (;).

Steps to import or export DNS records

1. Log into the Cloudflare dashboard. 

2. Click the appropriate Cloudflare account corresponding to the domain.

3. Select the proper domain.

4. Click the DNS app.

5. To the right of the DNS Record search bar, click Advanced.

6. Next, select one of the following actions:

a. Click Select a file to import a BIND-formatted file of DNS records.

b. Click Export to download a BIND-formatted file of current records.

7. To automatically proxy applicable CNAME and A records to Cloudflare upon import, ensure Proxy imported DNS records is selected.

The Cloudflare dashboard displays an error if the imported file is not properly BIND formatted.

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