Can I get vanity or custom nameservers using Cloudflare?

Cloudflare customers on a Business or Enterprise tier of service for a domain can get custom nameservers from Cloudflare. 

Steps to add Vanity Nameservers:

  1.  Go to the DNS tab. 
  2. Scroll down to "Custom Nameservers" section. custom_nameservers.png
  3. Click "Add Custom Nameservers" and enter nameserver hostnames. (e.g. ns1, ns2, ns3)
  4. IP addresses will be assigned to your three nameservers. Currently, the IPs are not displayed in the dashboard, but are returned if you perform a DNS lookup for them, e.g. using dig or nslookup:
    dig AAAA
    nslookup -query=AAAA
  5. Once you have the addresses, add them to your registrar as glue records. It is imperative that you add these as glue records before setting the new hostnames as your nameservers. Failing to do so will cause all DNS lookups for your zone to fail. Contact Support if you are unsure how to add the records as glue records or if you are unable to look up the appropriate IPs.
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