Identifying network ports compatible with Cloudflare's proxy

Learn which network ports Cloudflare proxies by default and how to enable Cloudflare's proxy for additional ports.


By default, Cloudflare proxies traffic destined for the HTTP/HTTPS ports listed below.

HTTP ports supported by Cloudflare:

  • 80
  • 8080
  • 8880
  • 2052
  • 2082
  • 2086
  • 2095

HTTPS ports supported by Cloudflare:

  • 443
  • 2053
  • 2083
  • 2087
  • 2096
  • 8443

If traffic for your domain is destined for a different port than listed above, either:

Block traffic on ports other than 80 and 443 for Pro, Business, and Enterprise domains via WAF rule id 100015: "Anomaly:Port - Non Standard Port (not 80 or 443)".

Ports 80 and 443 are the only ports compatible with:

Cloudflare Access does not support port numbers in URLs. Port numbers are stripped from requests for URLs protected through Cloudflare Access.

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