Why do I see Cloudflare's IPs in DNS lookups instead of my web server IP?

Cloudflare operates by returning our IP addresses for your website instead of your web server IP. By doing this, Cloudflare can receive all requests for your website and in the process optimise, cache and protect it.

This will be the case for every DNS record you have “Orange Clouded” in your settings. Here’s an example for comparison:

** With Cloudflare**

**Without Cloudflare** example.cf

You can see that the Cloudflare response contains our IPs. One advantage of doing this, is that visitors will never see where your origin web server is located, and can help prevent direct attacks to your web server which would bypass Cloudflare’s protection.

Once we receive a request for your website, we would then use your DNS settings on Cloudflare to find your web server IP and forward requests to it.

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