How to configure Piwik for use with Cloudflare

Piwik works well behind all proxies, load balancers, which are used to make websites faster, secure and more resilient.

If you wish to use Piwik on your server hosted behind Cloudflare, two things are needed:

1) Install an Apache module called mod_cloudflare which allows the real IP addresses of the visitors to populate through to logs, stats etc including Piwik. If you control your own VPS or dedicated Apache web server, see How to install mod_cloudflare.
If you are on shared hosting and don't control your Apache config, ask your hosting provider to install the mod_cloudflare module.

If this is not installed you will only see the default IP addresses that belong to Cloudflare in your Piwik visitor logs.

2) In Cloudflare settings, under 'Performance Settings', set the 'Rocket Loader' option to Manual or Off.

Piwik should then work on your server installed behind Cloudflare proxies. If you have any question, you can get free support in Cloudflare forums or in the Piwik forums.

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