How can I tell if Cloudflare is caching my site or a specific file?

One easy way to test if your site or a specific resource is being cached is to use If you put the url in and run a test, you can then go to the details page on after the test has run. The response headers will show the following if Cloudflare is caching your site or a specific resource:

CF-Cache-Status: HIT

If you have access to terminal, you can also check a particular resource by using this command:

curl -svo /dev/null http://theurloftheresource

(such as; you would just put in the url you want to test)

A status with a miss means Cloudflare is not caching that particular resource. Expired means that the resource is no longer in our cache.

More reading about Cloudflare's CF-Cache-Status responses.

Note: Cloudflare only caches on-site static content resources by file extension by default through our CDN.

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