Site Offline: Cloudflare's IPs blocked

A diagnostic check of Cloudflare requests to your site has shown that Cloudflare can not connect to your server. The most common cause is that something on your server is blocking our connections. Since we do not have access to your server, we need your help to find the root cause.

To ensure that your visitors experience no interruptions to your website, please ensure all of our IPs are able to get to your server by whitelisting Cloudflare's IP addresses.

The most common causes for a server blocking our connections include:

1) Your firewall has rules set in iptables that could be blocking Cloudflare
2) An older version of Bad Behavior or mod_security are blocking the connections
3) You have blocked one of Cloudflare's IP addresses on your server or you have a .htaccess rule in place that limit connections from some IPs
4) A security plugin (WordPress security plugins, etc.) is blocking requests

If you need more information or help debugging, please contact us. Please also provide us with the name of your hosting provider.

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