Why isn't Auto Minify working?

Cloudflare's Auto Minify feature does have some limitations and is somewhat conservative about minifying so we don't break something.


  • Auto Minify will only work on on-site resources that are found directly on your server
  • Auto Minify will not work on off-site resources from third-party resources (Google, Facebook, Twitter, widgets, etc).
  • Auto Minify will not minify files that contain .min in their name
  • Auto Minify will typically not minify files that have syntax errors
  • Auto Minify will not minify inline js/css in your html
  • Auto Minify will remove useless whitespace from your html, with the exception of new lines

If you want to manually confirm whether your files are getting minified, you can download the resource in question as served through CloudFlare, and then compare the size of the download to the size of the original resource at your server. You should see a difference in size. If you are not seeing minification happening, please run those files through a validator to see if there are any warnings that appear:

If you see that minification still isn’t taking effect after fixing these errors, please contact Cloudflare Support. You should include the URLs of the resources that you are seeing issues with.

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