Why isn't WHMCS working?


Please note, that current Cloudflare WHMCS module v1.3.5 is not compatible with WHMCS 7.x. We have discontinued supporting WHMCS module. For any questions and issues please contact partnersupport@cloudflare.com

You may find yourself unable to access WHMCS after enabling Cloudflare. WHMCS uses non traditional ports by default, but Cloudflare support these, along with a few more. Assuming your domain is "example.com", please try one of the following to access WHMCS:

http://example.com:2086 or https://example.com:2087

If the above doesn't work, find clues in the DNS settings of your Cloudflare account, to guess under which record WHMCS is accessed. The corresponding URL might be:





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