What does Cloudflare's Security Level mean?

The Security Level uses the IP reputation of a visitor to decide whether to present a challenge. The IP reputation is calculated by an internal algorithm on our end and ranges from 0 to 100. Here's what each Security Level means with regard to the IP reputation: 

  • HIGH --  Threat scores greater than 0 will be challenged.
  • MEDIUM -- Threat scores greater than 14 will be challenged.
  • LOW -- Threat scores greater than 24 will be challenged.
  • ESSENTIALLY OFF --  Threat scores greater than 49 will be challenged.

Adjust the Security Level for your domain by going to the Firewall app, as seen below.


We recommend starting out at medium (the default setting) to adequately protect your site.

I'm Under Attack Mode should only be used when a site is having a DDoS attack. Visitors will receive an interstitial page for about five seconds while we analyze the traffic and behavior to make sure it is a legitimate human visitor trying to access your site. I'm Under Attack Mode may affect some actions on your domain, such as using an API. You're able to set a custom security level for your API or any other part of your domain by creating a page rule for that section.

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