What does Cloudflare's Security Level mean?

The Security Level uses the IP reputation of a visitor to decide whether to present a CAPTCHA Challenge PageOnce the visitor enters the correct CAPTCHA, they continue to the appropriate page. By default, Cloudflare sets the Security Level to medium.  A Cloudflare internal algorithm calculates an IP's reputation and assigns a threat score that ranges from 0 to 100. The security levels and the challenge display criteria:  

  • High - for scores greater than 0
  • Medium - for scores greater than 14
  • Low - for scores greater than 24
  • Essentially Off - for scores greater than 49

To change your security settings, click the Firewall app in your Cloudflare Dashboard.

Cloudflare recommends starting at a medium security level (the default setting) to adequately protect your site.

I'm Under Attack Mode should only be used when a site is under a DDoS attack. Visitors will receive an interstitial page for about five seconds while Cloudflare analyzes the traffic and behavior to make sure it is a legitimate human visitor trying to access your website. I'm Under Attack Mode may affect some actions on your domain, such as using an API. You're able to set a custom security level for your API or any other part of your domain by creating a page rule for that section.

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