Updating Cloudflare billing information

Learn more about how to add or update your Cloudflare account billing information.


To avoid potential disruptions in your Cloudflare services, it is important to ensure your billing information is current and accurate.  It is also important to understand how Cloudflare plans and add-ons are priced.

Your current payment method appears in the Cloudflare dashboard Billing tab, under the Payment info category.

screenshot of payment info tab within the billing ui in cloudflare dashabord

If you currently subscribe to any add-on services, Cloudflare must always have a payment method on file. If you need to remove a payment method, then you must enter a new one to replace it. Otherwise, you will see an error.

If Cloudflare is unable to process your payment, review My payment failed, what do I do?

Customers in the Enterprise plan have additional payment options such as wire and ACH as well as yearly or quarterly billing. To discuss upgrading to Enterprise, contact us.

The billing address associated with your Cloudflare account can either be associated with your Payment method or your business. It will be used to calculate your sales tax(if applicable).

To include your Company's information in your invoices, you must include a Billing address, Company name and VAT/GST number (if applicable) in the Payment method section.

Add or update your payment method

If you don't have a payment method on file, you can add a new one. Otherwise, you can update your existing payment method.

To start:

1. Log in to the Cloudflare dashboard.

2. Click the Billing tab.

3. On the left navigation, click Payment info.

4. If there is no payment method on file, the Payment method dialog opens automatically.

screenshot of payment info tab with no payment information in the billing section of the Cloudflare ui

Otherwise, click Edit next to your current payment method and the Payment method dialog opens.

5. Next, enter the required information based on the payment options below.

If paying by credit card:

  • Enter all the information required under the Credit Card Details form.
  • To add your business' information to your invoice, include your Company and VAT/GST Number, if applicable.

If paying by PayPal:

By default, PayPal withdraws funds from your PayPal account. If there aren’t enough funds to cover the full amount, PayPal charges your credit card.

  • Click the PayPal logo on the upper right.
  • Follow the online instructions until PayPal  returns you to the Cloudflare Payment method dialog where you can continue with your set-up.
  • Verify that your PayPal username now appears next to the PayPal logo.
  • Add your account contact information as well as Company and VAT/GST Number, if applicable.

Because some countries charge tax good and services on personal accounts, you may be asked to indicate whether your Cloudflare account is personal or business to determine tax eligibility.

6. Review the payment method and contact information to ensure it's accurate.

7. To finish, click Confirm. The Payment method dialog closes and you will see a confirmation message at the bottom of the screen.

We value your confidentiality and data privacy. Cloudflare does not have access to your bank, credit card, pin, or PayPal account password details.

Ensure your new payment method now appears in the Payment Method screen.

Delete your current payment method

You must always have an active payment method on file if you’re currently subscribed to any Cloudflare paid service.

Before removing your payment method from file, you must cancel all Cloudflare paid services first. See How do I cancel or downgrade my Cloudflare account?

To delete your current payment method:

1. Log in to the Cloudflare dashboard.

2. Click the Billing tab.

3. On the left navigation, click Payment info.

4. Next to your current payment method, click Delete.

screenshot of payment info tab within the billing ui in cloudflare dashabord

5. To finish, click Confirm.

Now, the Payment method dialog should appear in the Payment Method screen, where you may enter new payment details.

Update your billing address

The Billing address is associated with your Payment method and is used to calculate your sales tax.  If you need to update your billing address, you must also enter your Payment method. The process for updating your billing address depends on the Payment method.

If paying by credit card:

1. Log in to the Cloudflare dashboard.

2. Under the My Profile dropdown, select Billing.

3. Ensure that you have selected the Account for which you want to update your payment address.

4. On the left navigation, click Payment info.

5. In the Payment method section, click Edit.

6. Enter your Credit card details and new Billing address in the Payment method dialog. Include a Company name and VAT/GST number (if applicable) if you would like your Company's information included on your invoice.

7. Review the suggested address in the pop-up window. If the information is correct, click Confirm. If not, click Edit this address to return to the Payment method dialog.  

If paying by PayPal, please refer to Paypal’s billing address documentation.

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