What is the difference between the Business and Enterprise plan?

The CloudFlare Business plan is $200/month. The CloudFlare Enterprise plan starts at $5000/month. The following are the differences:

CloudFlare Enterprise plan:

-Enterprise plans are quoted on a per-case basis for the year and start at $5000/month
-Customers are invoiced monthly
-The feature differences between the plans include:

  • Wildcard proxy support
  • 100 Page Rules
  • Customizable firewall (up to 1000 rules)
  • Dedicated IP space
  • Multiple custom SSL certs
  • Keyless SSL
  • Multiple Domains / Origins
  • Full proxy and DNS wildcard support
  • 500Mb Client maximum upload size
  • Full log access
  • 24/7 support, including both phone and email support
  • Dedicated account manager support
  • Full SLA
  • Any custom engineering requirements

CloudFlare Business plan:

-Self-service signup through CloudFlare's website (no need to talk to anyone from our team)
-Plan is charged to a credit card monthly
-Can upgrade at anytime, 24/7
-Full feature set can be found here. 

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