How do I upload a custom SSL certificate? (Business or Enterprise only)

Domains at the Business or Enterprise level of service are able to upload custom SSL certificates once active on Cloudflare. This can be done by:

1. Go to the Crypto app for your domain.

2. Go to the 'Edge Certificates' section and choose "Upload Custom SSL Certificate".

3. A window will open asking for your key, certificate and bundle information. Enter in the appropriate information and press on the "Add" button.

If pasting from file, your key and certificate should be separate, pem-encoded files. If copy and pasting the key and cert data into the text fields, you'll need to include the BEGIN and END lines surrounding the certificate or key data.

The Bundle Method describes how your leaf certificate will be bundled with intermediary certificates to complete the certificate chain.

  • Compatible uses common and well distributed intermediary certificates to complete the chain, ensuring that the resulting bundle is compatible with the most clients.
  • Modern attempts to make the chain as efficient as possible, often by using newer or fewer intermediary certificates.
  • User defined allows you to paste your own certificate chain in the upload form and present that bundle to clients.

You are also able to use the Cloudflare v4 API to upload certificates.

When adding secondary certificates to a pack, you're also able to click the manage link to the right of a pack,

and then the upload button to the right of the position in the pack.

Similarly, you're able to edit an existing certificate in place by clicking the wrench icon or removing a certificate in a pack by clicking the X icon.

If you come across an error that needs clarification, make a note of the full error message and click the "Submit a request" button at the bottom of this article to get in touch with our support team.

If you are not a Business or Enterprise customer, and would like us to issue you a dedicated certificate for your domain - optionally with custom hostnames - please check out our Dedicated certificate feature.

Note that with the Business plan you can upload a maximum of 1 custom certificate per domain, while the Enterprise plan allows you to upload 1 custom certificate by default and add more certificates à la carte with a request to Support.

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