How do I use Cloudflare's SSL for Google AppEngine?

Customers that are interested in using Cloudflare's SSL for Google AppEngine would need to do the following:

1. Upgrade to a paid plan or activate free Universal SSL.

2. After activating one of the SSL options, you would want to choose the Flexible option for SSL on the settings' page for the domain (settings->Cloudflare Settings->Settings Overview->SSL->Change to  Flexible)

You can alternatively get to the page for SSL settings by going to:    

Note: Do not choose the Full option.

Note -- As of May 2013 -- Google does not allow for using a CNAME at the root for Google App Engine. This means you cannot run a Google App Engine app at the root/zone apex/naked domain. Your Google App Engine app can be served from a locatiod like or

For instructions on how to configure a redirect for your Google Apps domain, please see the article on URL forwarding. -->

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