How do I add SSL to my site?

Cloudflare will step you through the process if you are adding the domain to Cloudflare as a new customer. If we detect SSL on your site at all, we will recommend starting at a paid Cloudflare plan or a Dedicated Certificate so your SSL doesn't break and so you have the greatest browser compatibility over https://

If you're trying to add SSL to your site after signing up for Cloudflare, or if you are trying to change the type of SSL on your site (Flexible, Full, etc.), then you can manage your SSL options in your SSL settings.

Here's an easy way to look at SSL:

  1. If you don't have SSL on your site at all right now, which means you don't have your own certificate from a certificate authority on your server, you can use Cloudflare's free Universal SSL option or Flexible SSL option.
  2. If you have SSL on your site right now, which means you have a certificate from a certificate authority on your server, you would want to either upgrade to a paid Cloudflare plan, activate free Universal SSL or purchase a Dedicated Certificate. From there you'd choose the Cloudflare FULL or FULL SSL STRICT option so it doesn't break your site's SSL and so SSL works in all modern browsers (the free Universal SSL only works in modern browsers).
  3. Business and Enterprise customers have the option of uploading their own SSL certificates to Cloudflare, if they don't want to use the Cloudflare provided SSL. Note: If you have the SSL portions of your site on a subdomain (,, you do not need to upgrade to a paid plan if you mark that particular record as not being proxied in your Cloudflare DNS settings (gray cloud).

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