I already have SSL on my site. What are my options?

1. Activate Cloudflare’s Free Universal SSL option. The Universal SSL option has two limitations you should be aware of if you need SSL support on the site:

  • The free SSL option takes up to 24 hours to activate. If you already have SSL on your site and can't afford any SSL interruption, then please use a paid plan (for which SSL gets provisioned quicker) or a dedicated certificate (see item #2 and #4 below).
  • The free SSL option has operating system and browser limitations and only works in modern browsers. If you still have a decent percentage of your visitors using something like Windows XP, then upgrading to a paid plan is the better option to make sure those visitors can still access your site over https://.

2. Choose a paid Cloudflare plan for quicker SSL provisioning. The activation process generally takes 10-15 minutes through our SSL vendors, while also not having the same browser limitations found in the free version.

3. Business and Enterprise Plans can upload their own SSL certificate.

4. Purchase a Dedicated Certificate with Custom Hostnames through Cloudflare. This will avoid the potential delay noted above with Universal SSL. 

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