Error 520


There is an unknown issue occurring between CloudFlare's cache and your origin web server. CloudFlare monitors for these errors and investigates as they occur. If you are seeing a 520 error
on your website, please pull the corresponding error log from your server and submit to our
support team. Please include the Ray ID from the 520 CloudFlare Error page. You can find the
Ray ID at the bottom of the error page.


  1. One potential cause could be that your web server is sending a response header that exceeds CloudFlare's maximum response header size. This could be the case if you're sending an abnormally high number of cookies for example.
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    I am facing this issues ,How to resolve it 

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    There are many web sites, please please help bi claudflare can not I give 520 error or something please help

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    im not workingthe website webtabplayer

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    webtabplayer not avaliable

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