Why am I still getting a "Finishing Up" error message when I already changed my nameservers at my registrar?

The "Finishing up. Waiting for your name servers to change to (your Cloudflare nameserver values)" message will appear until we detect the change has happened at your registrar. While this process generally takes 24 hours or less with most registrars, there are three things that might delay the domain updating in your account:

1. Your registrar is taking longer than than 24 hours to push out the change (some registrars can take 2-3 business days).

2. You have additional nameservers on file at your registrar. Using the Cloudflare service requires using our nameservers only, in positions 1 and 2 at your registrar, so you want to make sure that all other nameservers are removed.

3. The domain is still active to another account that was previously registered to Cloudflare.

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