Which file extensions does Cloudflare cache for static content?

Cloudflare's CDN caches the following types of static content by extension for all account types by default:

css bmp tif ttf docx woff2
js pict tiff eot xlsx  
jpg csv eps woff xls  
jpeg doc ejs otf pptx  
gif pdf swf svg ps  
ico pls midi svgz class  
png ppt mid webp jar  

If you are looking for more advanced caching or performance options, please look at our paid plans that can help extend caching and performance for your site.

Note: Cloudflare can only cache resources on your site directly. External resources (Facebook, Flickr, etc.) will not be cached. Cloudflare does not cache by MIME type at this time.

Download text list of cacheable files here.

If you would like to cache static HTML please read the article in the following linkYou can find more information about caching here.

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