How does Cloudflare make my site safer?

Since Cloudflare acts as a reverse proxy for your site, when you add your site we are able to filter and analyze traffic coming to your site. In addition to analyzing and filtering of traffic, Cloudflare also offers optional security features that can help mitigate attacks and content theft. More advanced security and protection is available to paid Cloudflare plans, so we'll highlight the key benefits by plan below.

Available to all Cloudflare Plans:

Challenging known threats: Cloudflare uses a wide variety of data sources, including community reporting, to challenge potentially malicious behavior

Comment Spam Reduction: Cloudflare's data sources will challenge known spammers and reduce attacks from spambots

Advanced DDoS protection and Mitigation: Cloudflare's I'm Under Attack mode will help mitigate common DDoS attacks. Cloudflare’s unmetered mitigation of DDoS attacks stops illegitimate traffic at the edge, no matter the size, type, or duration of the attack

Block or Challenge by IP address and ASN, challenge by Country Code: instead of writing complicated server rules to place blocks, Firewall Rules can be used to place a block or challenge traffic in a matter of seconds

ScrapeShield: protect your site from hotlinking, email address theft and track who is stealing your content

Available to Pro, Business and Enterprise plans:

SSL Encryption and SSL optimization: Cloudflare can provide you with SSL if you currently don't have SSL, while also still working with sites that already have SSL configured

Advanced Security (Web Application Firewall): Analyzes POST and GET requests and helps protect against automated attacks, SQL injections and XSS

Available to Business and Enterprise:

Custom SSL: Use your site's own SSL certificate on the Cloudflare network, including EV and OV certificates

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