How can I change the client maximum upload size?

Depending on the plan your domain is subscribed to, Cloudflare limits data uploads to the following sizes:

  • 100MB Free
  • 100MB Pro
  • 200MB Business
  • 500MB Enterprise by default (contact Customer Support to request unlimited data uploads)

The upload limits apply only if you have Cloudflare enabled (Orange cloud next to the DNS records on the DNS settings page). For example, if your domain is subscribed to the Pro plan, a visitor to your website can upload data up to 100MB, per request. This limit overrides any upload limit you may have set over a 100MB at your origin.

If you require to upload resources larger than these limits, you can either do that by uploading chunks smaller than the above thresholds, or you can upload the full resource through a grey-clouded DNS record so that Cloudflare is bypassed.

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