Why does my site appear to be hosted elsewhere using Cloudflare?

Cloudflare uses a distributed Anycast network, so simply looking up Cloudflare’s IPs alone doesn’t show where your site is actually hosted. If your concerns are related to SEO and the location of where your site appears to be hosted using Cloudflare, please read:

1. Cloudflare and SEO

*Take note in the article about how search engines have special rules in place for CDNs

2. Server location largely irrelevant for SEO

Google has said server location is generally not a large factor in determining how your site ranks for SERPs in your country. Other factors, such as the domain extension and language, are generally going to be larger factors in ranking. You can also use  Webmaster Tools to set the geotargeting for the domain to tell Google your preferences.

You can take steps to improve your SEO by using Cloudflare features by using a number of technical SEO tricks.

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