Why do some online services say CDN not detected?

Some online testing tools may not recognize Cloudflare as a CDN because we don't operate like a traditional Content Delivery Network. Instead of relying on the site's method of detecting a CDN, you should do any of the following to make sure you're on the Cloudflare network:

1. Ping or traceroute to your domain. If your site is pointing to our nameservers properly at your registrar, then Cloudflare's IPs will show in the lookups pinging to the root domain (this will mean that Cloudflare's caching and proxy are active for the domain).

Note: If you activated through a hosting partner's panel option, you should ping or traceroute to www for your domain. DNS RFC compliance only allows us to work on the CNAME records through a hosting provider.

2. If you signed up for Cloudflare directly, which requires changing to our nameservers, you can also check by doing a simple dig command in terminal to see if you're on our nameservers. You can use the following command:

dig ns example.com (replace with your actual domain).

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