Using Cloudflare with Shopify

In early 2019, Cloudflare partnered with Shopify to provide all Shopify merchant sites with Cloudflare’s performance and security benefits.


Shopify’s integration with Cloudflare eliminates the need for Shopify merchants to proxy their store traffic directly through Cloudflare. All Shopify merchants can benefit from enhanced store performance and security thanks to a combination of certain Cloudflare’s features with Shopify’s own technology. This is all done directly through Shopify.

What happens if I was previously proxying my store through Cloudflare?

With this change, merchants who previously proxied store traffic directly through Cloudflare should not experience additional security risks or a decrease in performance. However, we encourage merchants to continue using their Cloudflare account for DNS resolution (gray cloud) of store traffic.

With this migration, your Shopify store subdomain has been converted to grey cloud (Cloudflare DNS resolution only).

If you only used Cloudflare to proxy your Shopify store traffic, you can downgrade your Cloudflare customer plan to a lower plan type and turn off any add-on features.

Can I still use Cloudflare on top of Shopify going forward?

No. With this integration, it is no longer possible to proxy web traffic by “stacking” any content delivery network (CDN), including Cloudflare, on top of Shopify. Going forward, your Shopify site may remain in Cloudflare only for DNS resolution (grey cloud).

If you turn your grey clouded Shopify store back to orange cloud in the Cloudflare DNS app, site visitors will experience a 10xx error. To fix this error, turn your orange clouded domain back to grey cloud in the Cloudflare DNS app.

Note that Shopify protects all merchants with its own Web Application Firewall (WAF).

In addition, Transport Layer Security (TLS) settings are now determined by Shopify policies on e-commerce traffic.

Can I still use Cloudflare for other sites?

Yes. We encourage customers to continue fully proxying their non-Shopify sites through Cloudflare (orange cloud). Cloudflare continues to provide performance and security benefits for your non-commerce sub-domains.


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