How do I fix mixed content issues or the infinite redirect loop error after enabling Flexible SSL with WordPress?

Some users may experience redirect loops or mixed-content errors after activating Cloudflare SSL  on their website.

These issues are most often associated with users of Cloudflare Flexible SSL. You can check whether you are using Cloudflare SSL in Full or Flexible mode by logging into your Cloudflare dashboard and clicking the Crypto app, then reviewing the information in the SSL panel:

Flexible SSL users

If you use Cloudflare Flexible SSL and see mixed content issues or redirect loop errors, first ensure that there is no SSL certificate installed at your origin. If there is, then you shouldn't be using Flexible SSL and should instead set it to Full or Full(Strict). 

Additionally, please ensure that there is no redirect set up at your origin from http to https, as this specifically would cause the redirect loop. 

If none of the above applies, consider the following:

  1. If you are on an Apache web server, ensure that you have Mod_Cloudflare installed.
  2. If you use Nginx or Mod_Cloudflare does not automatically resolve the issue, ensure you have our official WordPress plugin installed.
  3. If the problem persits, you may have URLs incorrectly formatted in your HTML or database. To resolve this, install a Mixed-Content Fixer plugin. We have had success with SSL Insecure Content Fixer and Really Simple SSL.

Other users

If you are using Cloudflare SSL in Full or Full (Strict) mode and you find you have mixed-content issues, it is likely that you have absolute URLs hard coded into either your HTML or in your database. Please install a Mixed-Content Fixer plugin which should automatically replace the http with https in these sections. We have had success with the SSL Insecure Content Fixer plugin.

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