What are the partner Cloudflare setup options (Full DNS vs CNAME)?

When setting up Cloudflare as a partner, you have two options for adding your customers’ domains.

Full DNS setup
Full DNS setup requires an update of the existing DNS provider to Cloudflare's DNS, where Cloudflare becomes your authoritative DNS. This means you will need to update your name servers at the host provider to the name servers provided by Cloudflare once the domain is added to Cloudflare.   

Full DNS setup is currently available through these integrations:

Partial (CNAME) setup
A CNAME setup doesn't need any change of your DNS provider. It simply requires pointing any subdomain to Cloudflare by means of a CNAME record. In order to add www.domain.com to Cloudflare:

If current DNS setup is:

www.domain.com → A Record to IP address


www.domain.com CNAME to domain.com

Then, the new DNS setup with Cloudflare will require the following update to the DNS record:

www.domain.com → CNAME record to www.domain.com.cdn.cloudflare.net 

If your initial record was an A record, then add the following A record:

cloudflare-resolve-to.www.domain.com → A Record to IP address

If your initial record was a CNAME record, then add the following CNAME record:

cloudflare-resolve-to.www.domain.com CNAME domain.com

Partial (CNAME) setup is available via these integrations:


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