Partner domain setup options (CNAME vs. Full)

This article describes the domain setup options available for Cloudflare partners to add their customer’s domains to Cloudflare.


There are two options for a partner to add their customer's domain to Cloudflare:

  • Full - Authoritative DNS is managed by Cloudflare.
  • CNAME - Authoritative DNS is managed outside of Cloudflare.
Cloudflare provisions a Universal SSL certificate as soon as a customer’s traffic is proxied to Cloudflare.

Full setup

A Full DNS setup requires configuration changes at the existing DNS provider in order to point to Cloudflare's nameservers for authoritative DNS. Update the host provider's nameservers after the domain is added to Cloudflare.

Full DNS setup is currently available through these integrations:

CNAME setup

A CNAME setup does not require changes to authoritative DNS.  Instead, proxy a subdomain to Cloudflare via a CNAME record.

Traffic for the root domain cannot be proxied or protected via a CNAME setup.
For example, can be proxied but cannot.    

Partial (CNAME) setup is available via these integrations:

  • Host API
  • cPanel plugin
  • ServerShield extension for Plesk 12 and higher

The CNAME setup differs depending on whether an A record or CNAME record is currently used for a subdomain.  The A and CNAME examples below use as an example subdomain for proxy to Cloudflare. 


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