How to move domains between Cloudflare accounts

This article details how to migrate your zone between different Cloudflare accounts. To successfully migrate a zone between two accounts you will need:

  • Access to the registrar for nameserver changes
  • Access to both Cloudflare accounts

Please note that settings will not be migrated with the zone - the new zone is in a default state. SSL will reissue, DNS records need to be recreated/validated, Page Rules recreated, WAF settings, etc.

  1. User B creates a new Cloudflare account or logs into their existing Cloudflare account.
  2. User B adds to their Cloudflare account.

  3. Before User B changes the NS records of at the registrar, User B can change the zone's settings to match the settings User A had for
  4. Now with the right settings in place, User B can change's NS.
  5. User A does not have to do anything to initiate the change.
  6. The zone's status on User A's account will change to 'Status: Moved Away'.

  7. The zone's status in User B's account will change to 'Status: Active'.

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