How to move domains between Cloudflare accounts

This article details how to migrate your zone between different Cloudflare accounts. To successfully migrate a zone between two accounts you will need:

  • Access to the registrar for nameserver changes
  • Access to both Cloudflare accounts

Please note that settings will not be migrated with the zone - the new zone is in a default state. SSL will reissue, DNS records need to be recreated/validated, Page Rules recreated, WAF settings, etc.

  1. User B creates a new Cloudflare account or logs into their existing Cloudflare account.
  2. User B adds to their Cloudflare account.

  3. Before User B changes the NS records of at the registrar, User B can change the zone's settings to match the settings User A had for
  4. Now with the right settings in place, User B can change's NS.
  5. User A does not have to do anything to initiate the change.
  6. The zone's status on User A's account will change to 'Status: Moved Away'.

  7. The zone's status in User B's account will change to 'Status: Active'.


Important exception for European registrars

Most European registrars will have limitations on assigning different nameservers within the same DNS in case the new domain was active in Cloudflare before. The reason for this is because our nameservers will always respond to the old domain nameserver values instead of the new pending zone. 

In such cases it is not be possible to migrate Cloudflare without contacting Cloudflare support.

Before contacting our services, please make sure that any active Cloudflare account is on the deleted state. During this period you might need to revert to the original DNS in order to avoid any downtime.

In order to delete/deactivate the zone from Cloudflare, you can login to our dashboard and click on the 'Advanced' link from the Overview tab and click on the 'Delete' button.

Once this is done, please create a ticket to support from the **Old** zone asking the domain to be purged. Only then Cloudflare will be able to respond to the new pending zone nameservers and allow these registrars altering the nameservers.


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