Setting up Multi-User accounts on Cloudflare

Understand how to edit API keys, add additional users, and set access permissions to your Cloudflare account.


With a multi-user account, you can control multiple websites and invite users to manage Cloudflare settings on those websites. A user can access multiple accounts and have different permissions for each account that they can access.

There are two user roles: Super Administrator and Administrator. Super Administrators can edit all Cloudflare settings, make purchases, update billing, manage memberships and revoke access of other Super Administrators. As the account owner, you are automatically assigned the Super Administrator role.

Administrators can edit all Cloudflare settings except for membership management and billing. When setting up your Cloudflare account, you are automatically assigned the Super Administrator role. For Free, Pro, and Business accounts, each additional member will be automatically assigned the Administrator role.

The full set of user roles and permissions are only available to Enterprise customers. To enable all Multi-User roles, get in touch with the Cloudflare sales team.

Set up a Multi-User account

1. Log in to the Cloudflare dashboard.

2. Choose the account that you would like to update.

screenshot of 'Select Account' in Cloudflare dashboard

3. Click the Members tab.

4. Enter the email address of the member you want to invite to your account. Click Invite. That member will receive an email invitation from Cloudflare to join your account.

screenshot of Members tab in the Cloudflare dashboard

If you have a Free, Pro, or Business plan, your Members default to the Administrator role. If you have an Enterprise plan, you can select the role that you would like to assign to your additional members.

User roles and permissions

All roles and permissions have access to the Overview app. For a detailed breakdown of available user roles and permissions, see below.

Only Enterprise users can assign multiple roles to additional members.


Apps with permissions


(Access the full account, except for membership management and billing)

  • All the same privileges as Super Administrator, except User Management and Billing

Super Administrator - All Privileges

(Edit any Cloudflare setting, make purchases, update billing, and manage memberships, revoke access of other Super Administrators)

  • All apps

Administrator Read Only

Can access the full account in read only mode.

  • All apps


(Read analytics)

  • Analytics


(Edit DNS records)

  • DNS

SSL/TLS, Caching, Performance, Page Rules, and Customization

(Edit most Cloudflare settings except for DNS and Firewall)

  • Speed
  • Caching
  • Page Rules
  • Network
  • Customization


(Edit WAF, IP Firewall, and Zone Lockdown settings)

  • Firewall
  • Traffic

Cloudflare Access

(Edit Cloudflare Access policies)

  • Access

Cloudflare Workers

(Edit Cloudflare Workers)

  • Workers

Cache Purge

(Purge the edge cache)

  • Caching


(Can edit Cloudflare Stream media)

  • Stream

Load Balancer

(Edit Load Balancers, Pools, Origins, and Health Checks)

  • Firewall
  • Traffic

Log Share

(Edit Enterprise Log Share configuration)

  • Logpush (Beta)


(Edit the account billing profile and subscriptions)

  • Account Home > Billing
  • Profile > Billing

Audit Log Viewer

(Can view audit logs)

  • Account > Audit Logs

Change Super Administrator

If you or someone in your organization leaves or loses access to email, you must change who is assigned the Super Administrator role. However, the process differs based on your plan type. 

Enterprise customers

Enterprise users can have multiple Super Administrators associated with their accounts. To edit your Super Administrator, add an additional Member to your account and assign the role.

Only remove the original Super Administrator from the account after adding the additional member.

Free, Pro, and Business customers

Free, Pro, or Business customers are only allowed one (1) Super Administrator. To change your Super Administrator, you must change the email address associated with your Cloudflare account to a new email address that is not associated with an existing Cloudflare account.

For security and privacy, the same email address cannot be associated with two (2) existing accounts within Cloudflare.

For example, if a customer wants to change the Super Administrator from to, use a temporary email address ( as a placeholder.

Use the following process to change the Super Administrator:

  1. change account to, then
  2. change to, and 
  3. finally change to

The new email address ( becomes the Super Administrator for your Cloudflare account. 

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