Understanding the Cloudflare dashboard

Identify the Cloudflare dashboard apps that are most pertinent to your needs.


The Cloudflare Dashboard manages account and domain settings. Key dashboard features include:

  • Control Cloudflare features,
  • Gain insights into domain security and caching analytics,
  • Share account access to additional users, and
  • Configure settings from any device via our flexible dashboard design.

All Cloudflare plans allow sharing account access with additional users. Additionally, Enterprise plans allow Administrators to create Multi-User accounts that allow each user to edit only those Cloudflare settings applicable to their role.

The Cloudflare dashboard requires a web browser that supports TLS 1.2 or newer. The Cloudflare dashboard isn’t supported on pre IE 10 browser versions.  Visit Browse Happy for upgrade links to the most popular browsers.

Cloudflare uses tokens to authenticate a session when a user is logged in to their Cloudflare account. An invalid token or email error message appears if your ISP changes your IP address during your session as it invalidates the token. Log out, then log back in to correct the issue or clear your browser cache and cookies.

Summary of Cloudflare dashboard apps

The Cloudflare dashboard contains several apps focused on providing data insightsoptimizing security, providing configuration flexibilityimproving performance, and enhancing site reliability.


The information below summarizes the utility of each dashboard app:



     Provides the following functionalities:

  • Summarizes site analytics
  • Displays notifications
  • Links to common quick actions
  • Summarizes plan extensions and add-on features
  • Provides API authentication details, including Zone ID and Account ID
  • Allows changing domain plans
  • Allows removing a site from Cloudflare 


     Monitor statistics and trends on:

  • Visitor traffic
  • DNS request handling
  • Threat detection
  • Performance









     Page Rules:

     Custom Pages:


  • Preview and install a wide range of apps that enhance your site’s security, performance, analytics, design, etc.






  • Toggle features that enhance network performance such as HTTP/2 and QUIC



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