Step 3: Change your domain nameservers to Cloudflare

This article describes how to update your domain's nameservers at your registrar in order to successfully complete the Cloudflare onboarding process for your domain.


The DNS configuration must be updated at your domain registrar for your domain to resolve DNS with Cloudflare's nameservers.  This change is required in order to route web traffic through the Cloudflare network.

Domains on Business and Enterprise plans can skip these requirements by requesting a CNAME setup

Changing nameservers

Updating nameservers requires several steps:

  1. Log in to Cloudflare.

  2. Click the appropriate Cloudflare account where the domain resides.

  3. Select the appropriate domain. 

  4. Click on the Overview app and note the Cloudflare nameservers provided.

    Cloudflare Nameservers

    The nameservers listed in your Overview app will most likely differ from those in the screenshot above. 

  5. Determine your domain registrar and log in to your registrar account.

    Determine the domain’s registrar by searching for the domain in a website like that performs WHOIS lookups.  Note the value of the Registrar field:

  6. Replace your current nameserver records in your registrar account with the Cloudflare nameservers obtained from Cloudflare's Overview app.

    Each domain registrar has its own unique UI for updating nameservers.  You can find instructions for updating certain registrars listed later in this article.

  7. Refresh the Cloudflare Overview app to confirm if the Complete your nameserver setup message has disappeared.  If not, click the Re-check now button. 

    It may take up to 72 hours for the nameserver information to propagate.

    If the Complete your nameserver setup message has not disappeared from the Overview app, use to check your nameserver records. Ensure nameserver records match the Cloudflare provided nameservers and confirm there are no nameservers listed other than Cloudflare's.

Changing nameservers at the most popular registrars

Below is a list of links to articles that describe how to change the nameservers for popular registrars.  Contact your registrar's support center for the most accurate information.

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