Does Cloudflare have a plugin for WHMCS?
Yes, Cloudflare provides a module for WHMCS available to all approved hosting partners, and can be downloaded through the partner portal.

Installing the WHMCS module will require a Partner API key. If you are not yet a Cloudflare Partner you can find more information on becoming one here.

How can I disable provisioning logs in the client interface?
Go to Setup -> Addon Modules and click the Configure button to the right side of the Cloudflare module. Uncheck the box for Show Client Logs and click Save.

Why don’t I see a “Setup Cloudflare” button on the client side of WHMCS?
The module uses the “ClientAreaFooterOutput“ hook within your template to add this button. If the button is not visible, your template is missing this hook and needs to be customized to support this hook.

Alternately, you can also add a link within your menu to the setup page. Additional information on making this customization is available here: https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/204277308

Can I enable Cloudflare on more than one domain?
At this time, only one Cloudflare service can be ordered per WHMCS customer. If additional Cloudflare services are ordered by a customer, the other services will not provision correctly.

Can I enable a Cloudflare plan by default for new customers?
Yes! Go to Addons -> Cloudflare and click the Gear icon to the right side of the Cloudflare plan which you would like enabled by default. Check the box for Enabled by Default and click Save Changes.

Are any auto-provisioning options available?
Automated provisioning when using your DNS servers (“ Cloudflare Free”) only occurs if the hosting account is located on a cPanel server. For other server types, the customer is given instructions on their "Setup Cloudflare" screen on how to set their DNS records to enable Cloudflare.

For new domain registrations ordered along with the Cloudflare addon, the module will attempt to automatically update the authoritative nameservers at the domain registrar to the proper Cloudflare nameservers. This requires that the domain name was ordered through a registrar module in WHMCS. For other cases (such as a domain transfer or an existing domain name), the customer is given instructions on the "Setup Cloudflare" screen on how to update their authoritative nameservers.


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